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Class Monitor Training - Shared screen with speaker view
Laura Belback
Agenda: Class MonitorDefinitionTo support Study Leader with class management so the leader can focus on presentation.(Co-Host) Your Environment and the ToolbarStudy Leader or Staff hands you Co-Host roleAudio/Video SettingsMute/Unmute and Camera Off/On - main and additional controlsWhy you might want to mute or turn camera offHost vs. Participant control of audio/videoZoom LinkSend the zoom link and password before the class each week.AttendanceGoogle Drive access needs to be grantedEdit attendance sheet/roster each weekInteractionParticipants ListMuting all participants.Rename participants and explain how they can do this themselves.Nonverbal CuesLooking for participants raising hands. Give leaders a heads up that someone has a question. Unmute them.Chat windowUse the chat to communicate with a specific member or entire class. Let everyone know that they can message you directly about any concerns they have.Questions?