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The Past, Present, and Future of the Interdisciplinary University - Shared screen with speaker view
Matthew Delmont
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James Godley
Thank you for your talk! Could you tell us a bit more about faculty cluster hires for interdisciplinary topics at Duke? What are some examples of that in the humanities? What are some of the criteria and rationale for these hires--for example, are official positions, titles and initiatives that identify multidsciplinarity the main focus, or do you emphasize candidates who offer compelling narratives of interdisciplinary research and teaching? Of course, interdisciplinarity happens within academic departments as well as between them. It's not unusual for faculty in English and Comparative Literature departments to research and teach materials from the history of science, philosophy, sociology, linguistics, etc. Beyond that intradepartmental interdisciplinarity, what other kinds of professional engagement do you look for?
James Godley
Another question, re: de-centering of faculty governance: Could you shed some more light on the kinds of negotiations that take place between departments and the larger institution in order to encourage interdisciplinary initiatives and cluster hires? Given the evolving governance structure, what mechanisms are there for incentivizing interdisciplinarity in ways that are mutually desirable?
Elizabeth Lhost (she/her)
Hi Everyone, Thanks for attending! And my apologies for the issues with passcodes and other zoom hurdles at the beginning. Thanks for your patience.
Elizabeth Lhost (she/her)
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