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NECOEM COVID-19 Town Hall - Speaker view
Abe Timmons
Wondering if anyone has any experience using filter pieces on spirometry equipment to prevent virus/bacteria exposure while performing spirometry?
Abe Timmons
Here is a link I found to one such product - pulmoguard. https://www.sdidiagnostics.com/products/82-supplies/pulmoguard-filters/pulmoguard-iq
Yusef Sayeed
Im curious how the just in time training is working for untrained employees working in and around covid 19 patients
Matthew Lundquist
what is everyone doing for that positive household contact situation for HCWs? I heard Dr Rodgers allude to it but what are others doing for this? Dr Russi I believe last week said OOW 14 days for the EE
Abe Timmons
Yes, we are doing out of work 14 days to monitor for symptoms. But looking at trying to use the new CDC strategies for RTW of critical shortage workers
CDC recommends ending self isolation if after 7 days after onset of symptoms, if fever free off antipyretics for at least 72 hours and improving symptoms…we have been using that as far as RTW guidelines. Has anyone been using different guidelines for RTW after suspected Covid-19 without testing?
Yusef Sayeed
This was excellent Bob, I will be tuning in regularly
Thomas Luna
Yes - this is useful! Let’s meet again in 2 weeks.
Thank you!